Notebook ASUS X54HY-SX046V (Model: K54LY in CPU-Z).

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    Dec 13, 2014
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    Hi, thanks for this forum.

    I need some information about AMI Bios K54LY 208 (i cannot post links yet).

    But bios already posted in this forum with name file and was modded to file name Asus (thread: "I need help - modbios ASUS X54HY").

    My questions:

    - Can i upgrade to processor i7-2640M (TDT 35W)?
    - Can i upgrade to processor i7-2860QM (TDT 45W)?

    - Have someone upgrade successful this computer model?

    My main concern: Bios firmware microcode (latest 208).

    My Specs:

    Processor: I3-2330M - 2.20Ghz
    Cache L3: 3MB
    Chipset: Intel - Sandy Bridge (Rev. 09 by cpu-z).
    South Bridge: Intel - HM65 (Rev. 05 by cpu-z).
    AMI Bios version: K54LY 208 (21-12-2011 by cpu-z).
    Package: Socket 988B rPGA (Socket G2).
    Max TDT: 35W
    Graphics: ATI HD6470M - 1024Mg
    Memory: 8GB - Kingstone DDR3 - 1600Mhz (single channel).

    Please reply to me.

    Thank you.

    P.S- As i related before my main concern about this upgrade is the Bios microcode, that´s why i posted in Bios Mod section. Also i´m sure that my socket can hold both i7 processors i listed (my questions at top).