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    Any character-string you want. :D :D :D
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    Okay, Im a slight n00b, so i dont know what exactly 2 do now. I created the *.bin (a Acer Slic 2.1 with "LOHR" for the Creater ID) and i found a *XRM-MS liscense that matches using the other tool on the website.. I know this *.bin has to find its way inside my laptop (a Acer Aspire 5520-5912) or BIOS (aparently a Pheonix one, i assume), but im not sure of a safe waY 2 do so.. If even possible, is there a way 2 use this *.bin with a Lo*der? Thank You Very Much in Advance :)
    edit: For anyone that has the same question as me, i found the answer.. I downloaded my Bios from the internet, and "fixed" it with the new Pheonix patcher thing.. Then i flashed it, and its all good.. :)
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    You can insert a ASCII character string with a maximum length of 4 characters, these are automatically converted to UPPERCASE
    My advice, use the SLIC DUMP ToolKit by DavidXXW to determine what the other ACPI tables in your BIOS use here and insert it in the SLIC Creator tool accordingly.