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    Hey there!~

    I tried to search around the forum to find something that i have been looking for! I know i asked for this before :S but kinda lost the thread to it.

    well my question is, i have a VISTA sp2 x64 msdn iso image. I have the HP oem certificate and the ultimate key. I also downloaded the OEM source "as-is" folder with HP wallpaper and logo etc.

    I added this to the vista image, it activates it, but no logos are applied and no hp wallpaper. The main concern is that, how do I "properly" or whatever you wanna call it, to integrate or apply the logo to the windows vista installation. E.g., i formatted my PC and inserted the vista "oem dvd" that i made, once it loads vista, there should be an HP or any other OEM logo applied in the system information settings page, where you get the windows experience index etc.

    Please help! Thanks!
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    In most cases the OEM logos are applied with a .reg file.
    If the $OEM$ source folder you have doesn't work, try another from the Sticky 'Vista Oem Sources Folder Project' at the top of this forum.
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