OEM Win8 is messed up, doing clean install, method correct?

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by PaulShel, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Hello lovely people of MDL, friends Acer laptop, purchased new with Win8 Core needs sorting, from first glance it seems my best option is to format the HDD, completely deleting all partitions, and install Win8 from scratch. (Malwarebytes had 1500+ entries, god only knows what he has been doing)

    At present it has original windows 8.0 on it, which loads, barely, and all the recovery methods I have tried do not work, leading me to believe the recovery partition needs to go also.

    I am not sure about this whole process, but I have been reading MDL forums all evening trying to figure out my plan of action, please let me know if any steps I plan on doing are pointless, I'm sure some will be.

    Is it as simple as downloading a Windows 8.0 MSDN image
    (from somewhere? maybe here?)
    murphy78's Windows 8.1 / Server 2012r2 with Update en-US MSDN iso files

    then it should auto-read the key from bios?

    Or do I use the
    'Multi-OEM' ISO Project

    as I will not be able to find a Windows 8.0 MSDN image?

    I expect the SKU = Core, should I check all this first using instructions at Windows 8.x OEM Activation

    Do I need to backup any $OEM$ folders (don't really want to with all the infections though) such as
    windows\help --- this help folder

    windows\web\wallpapers --- the wallpaper folder

    windows\system32\OOBE\info ----- the info folder

    Is it best to just go straight to Windows 8.1 from an 8.1 iso? Or does this make my legit copy of Windows8 irrelevant?

    Do I need to consider ..

    OA2.2 and OA3.0 ?

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    All you need is here :)
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    Thank you :D :biggrin: