Office 2007 Enterprise validation - is it really necessary?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by willko, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Is validation really necessary? Obviously activation is, but validation...? :confused:

    If you hide the OGA update it stays hidden forever and "Microsoft Update" functionality is totally unaffected. AFAICT, OGA is ONLY needed for downloading a few extras/addons and the user is never reminded of not having validated as long as they don't require one of these downloads.

    In fact, although classified as an "important" download on "Microsft Update", the default setting for the OGA update is unchecked - i.e. it will not be downloaded and will not be installed unless the user specifically "ticks the box" and deliberately requests this,... so a user would not even be notified that they were missing it unless they attempt to download an extra/addon.

    Am I missing something here???? o_O

    Does not validating have any further consequences other than this?
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    Office 2007

    I normally format my Personal hard drive once a month and have never had a problem with re-installing office or the key; but one of the computer's at work was built by a technician 3 years ago and the normal office update was deactivated but the normal Microsoft Update which is active seems to bypass that where the computer now says we may be a victim of counterfiting for the office copy, and tells us to goto control panel and uninstall office to correct problem! But using a validation patch has eliminated the validation flag! Hope this Helps!