Office 2010 SP1 ZWT questions, Volume licence ISO checksums

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I was using Office 2007 Enterprise just fine. But now I'm going to reinstall Windows and I want to use Office 2010 Professional Plus instead.

    First I downloaded Office 2010 SP1 x86+x64 DVD from MSDN. It installed fine but I was unable to change product key to MAK and it refused to activate using ZWT KMS emulator. So even if I was able to activate it over phone using valid MSDN key I will need to call to activate every 180 days, no permanent activation.

    Then I downloaded Microsoft.Office.2010.ProfessionalPlus.with.SP1.VL.Edition-ZWTiSO installed it and activated fine.

    1. Is the ZWTiSO version safe and backdoor free? I mean both the Office installation ISO and Keygen. The .rar files containing iso and keygen files have valid Team ZWT digital signatures and the keygen sha-1 matched the values posted on MDL. But the msp files in Update folder does not contain digital signatures from microsoft. And after install it did not offered me to choose between using OfficeXML and OpenXML format. MSDN version offered this to me.

    2. Can I run ZWT Keygen on another computer and activate office via LAN? (probably yes)
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    Apr 28, 2012
    I have researched answers to my questions myself.

    The ZWT have the same files in main folder that MSDN ISO have. The Updates folder have the same files with same checksums. All files that are different have valid Microsoft digital signature made around the same time. Additional Admin folder that are exclusive to Volume version have appropriate digital signatures for the files. No changes are made to installation scripts and configs.

    So the ZWT version is 100% legit. Are I allowed to post the checksums of the ISO file?
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    Apr 28, 2012
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    OK there are the SHA-1 checksums for ISO file
    zo14rps1.ISO bc8354a2d8534c64fbcd1f1925f822c5ae7b6df5
    And there are the SHA-1 checksums for original packed release. The seperate archive containing Keygen is contained inside the RAR files and as long as the checksums match the keygen is not tampered with.
    d39aa218a6118a73ca314c6aea24b57f585c726f zo14rps1.r00
    2f5370e57e4724c0febfd4b8f80aed6cba869de6 zo14rps1.r01
    c01e2c8604677223924ff20fac27ce6977ed16d8 zo14rps1.r02
    3408079f75cd0f26df815e7ec90b1cfe099c999a zo14rps1.r03
    df2e5bdd1b1c23ae70487bfa8e2c80e425f7c121 zo14rps1.r04
    be67581d4bf029920950b02ba9ac249c781892be zo14rps1.r05
    b39f73cd0d2543249670acb2a788e28bed3807f9 zo14rps1.r06
    198cc82c8f988265f1d20ddb0f3b421da1fb298f zo14rps1.r07
    77038dd9a66e8befa3ccb647254be9c3ca5734d5 zo14rps1.r08
    2877852b51d818446741553094970ebbf3bf6d41 zo14rps1.r09
    4f4095eca593f821a2db300eedde611002548c80 zo14rps1.r10
    04ccb14603057c6ade6115118c48bf025cb71d98 zo14rps1.r11
    e376b013ef8e34c943099607ebd89fa1da5520dc zo14rps1.r12
    26cc2ec95d6348d31ae8dcff71d6d9d0fafd1de0 zo14rps1.r13
    e4744a6e2ad6c21abc83e23839e4630ce0936111 zo14rps1.r14
    da7b4375e5aa2a359689d9ed347f59486dc6db91 zo14rps1.r15
    5dd61b8eab2995d9e0d13e72c7350c6e74c91873 zo14rps1.r16
    0e6a67dcd26b8aa41cc536584a4f13a6282501ab zo14rps1.r17
    d8927d55e9cb2c70c040a71a6234148893d777be zo14rps1.r18
    1d45e8c01c4a3dd975e344b5137ad27b7ad0473b zo14rps1.rar
    2cda08694ef13c464b76505dd13acd0258ffef8b zo14rps1.sfv
    fa152e3fcb935e5084f83cbaaa86faa74f8f07c1 zwtiso.nfo
    Contrary what is written in instructions to use the keygen, the Keygen.exe are not needed to be run as administrator to function properly! Only the Command prompt need to be run as administrator to activate Office. When Keygen.exe is first launched a Windows firewall will pop up asking to access network. You can safely click Cancel to deny network access if you don't need to activate other installations over network. The Windows firewall does not prevent communications between software running on localhost. In this manner it is the safest approach - no 3rd-party code is run with administrative privileges and the code is denied to talk to external network.