Office 2013 OPK and Unattended Installation

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    Hello, I hope someone could help me with this. I have my own AIO of Windows 8.1 and pre-install some applications via setupcomplete.cmd, my new intention is to use the MS Office 2013 OPK to install Office 2013 silently, However, I realized that inside the folders I can find the installer of professional plus and can install this edition directly without adding a key so I made a cmd file calling the execution of this .exe but it shows me the UAC prompt asking for my permission. Arguments /S, /Q, /Silent, /Verysilent doesn't work I think that there should be 2 ways of doing this.

    1. Execute the installer of the office edition directly and silently
    2. Add a key that lead directly to install office professional plus (but I don't know where)

    I'm Using Office 2013 OPK because I don''t need to use the ISOS of x64 & x86 whe this comes together in the OPK, also there's no need to add the updates of the sp1 increasing the weight of the ISOS because it comes already included.

    Can anyone help me to find the correct command line for this?
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