Office 365 Cloud Partner - New Microsoft Rule ? = Reseller MUST become registered Administrator ??

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    Hi there and forgive me if this is the wrong section.

    A small company purchased a Office 365 Business Key via a valid reseller from ebay. No, not such 5$ keys.

    Usually the company got the keys via email and entered these in the admin center on

    With the recent purchase, the seller says, that he MUST become the new Cloud Partner, in order to hand out the keys. He already send a request, which can be seen in the admin center.

    The company asked me for support, as they are unsure, just like me...

    Googling about this "new rule" lead to nowhere but confusion, I wonder if this is true and/or if I tell the company to revoke the bought keys and/or tell them to persist to get the keys handed out WITHOUT having to add the seller as a partner.

    Afaik, you dont have to have a (reseller) partner in the O365 admin center, as you can still buy keys via ebay sperately, to enter them in the admin center manually. Or did MS really change this recently ?

    Thanks for reading through this wall of text. :)

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    But the company wants to add the keys on their own.

    Without the hassle of having to add and then remove the reseller, that says it is a needed step these days aka. new "rule".

    It worked like that before. Payed on ebay, recieved keys via email, entered those on their own.
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    I know IngramMicro require you to add them as your tenant admin and your end customer tenant admin in addition to be added as vendor.