Oh noes, memory woes...

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    Mar 4, 2008
    It's annoying to hear people complaining about their "bad" memory if they ever forget even one thing. Having a bad memory (but not yet competing with goldfish!) myself I'm kind of puzzled why people think they have to remember everything and if they don't, then whine how bad their memory is. While it's completely normal to forget something every now and then, it's completely different to have bad memory for real. Specially if it comes early. It's really PITA to re-learn things again and sometimes it's even worse! Like when someting you used to know well seems to be completely alien thing and you can't even grasp the basics of it. Luckily I keep good notes. The downside is, Note Trolls (see "Sock Trolls") keep hiding my notes. o_O

    For example, I have a problem in form of "router can't find network printer". Previously I had no problem with networking related things - "Who needs subnet calculator or other gizmos?". Now I can't even seem to grasp the basic idea. After reading n+1 "easy networking" and "networking for dummies" sites I'm nowhere nearer to understanding and nothing seems familiar.

    Same thing goes for optimizing network connections. Before changing router I had 100Mbps LAN and it's now 1Gbps one. One should expect to see transfer rates going way up, but speeds are same or even worse. No amount of tinkering seems to help. Tinkering it is, because I've completely forgotten previously well known things and I don't see any progression about re-learning them.

    So, next time you think you have bad memory, stop right there. You're the lucky one and most likely there's nothing wrong with your memory! :wheelchair:
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    The ego (I) puts emphasis or moral charge on being able to remember some things and not others. For instance, think of the difference between long term and short term memory. When are they divivded. Who divides them. Are they not one in the same?

    Real questions are how do some remember what is beyond their incarnative past and past their incarnative end? People do. Prophets peer into the "future"

    Is incarnated also relative to how bodies are separated when indeed bodies are joined in energy and physical manifestation and time actually

    And the best question of all is how does one forget god or how creation works and how does one remember

    I forgot where I left my keys. A physical loss of memory. But what if you needed to remember where a memory is? Like where did I put that memory I wanted to remember? Where is it :eek:...lol I know I left it somewhere. Where in my mind is it? Does my body know?

    Is the way the world's twisted linear unnatural perceptions of reality and time causing lack of control of being able to remember anything? Or forget/disolve

    Great thread about memory or time ;)
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  3. RawData

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    Mar 4, 2008
    It's now only short term memory problem for me, but my long term memory is eroding quietly. Without of the (strange?) sense of humour, it would be somewhat hard to handle the situation sometimes. I'll give you an example for one of my experiences:

    Last winter on the way home from shopping I stopped at the local pub for a beer and to rest my feet. After a short time the somewhat loaded customer beside me was leaving and being oh, so ever helpful I stopped him and told he forgot his gloves. Somewhat confused, he replied "I don't have my gloves with me". "I can see that, because you left them to bench where you were sitting. Here you are..." and I proceeded giving him the gloves from the bench. "They must be someone else's" he said, but I assured him "There's nobody else here, so they must be yours!". As he left I felt good knowing there was cold outside...

    Later when I arrived home, I checked my notes and receipts while putting away the stuff I bought and noticed something was missing. After searching my bag and jacket, I realized was had happened. There WAS someone else than the other customer at the pub. Me! As the gloves were brand new, I did not reckognize them well enough yet, as they looked unfamiliar to me. I just handed my new and warm gloves away!

    Now, instead of getting seriously pissed and kicking myself, I realized the comic side of it:
    - My merory is so bad...
    - How bad?
    - I gave away my new gloves, because I did not remember I bought them!

    Luckily, those gloves were not overly expensive. Still, laughing is good for you! :biggrin5:
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