OK, so i screwed up....

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    OK, so i screwed up....Bad Bios Mod

    I have an HP 530 and was trying to upgrade the BIOS to SLIC2.1. I now have a brick, and have no idea what to do from here. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is it pretty much trash right now?

    And to be a little more clear, the laptop wont boot up at all. Power light comes on, but that is all.
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    Not to sure about laptops but here are a few leads for you.

    Here is a disassemble guide.

    1) (BIOS Recovery procedures) http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/2105

    2) You can try http://badbiosflash.com/ or http://www.badflash.com/ and see/ask if the sell a chip for your board.

    3) You can find a local PC repair shop to reflash your laptop.

    4) You can buy a new/used/refreb board off of ebay or goggle your laptop model (hp 530 motherboard) the seem to range from $80 to $180