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    I want to talk about ecosystem for open source project but first let's clear some questions about open source:

    1. What is open source?
    A software that have source code open to public, public can do anything about it: inspect, modify and much more

    2. how can open source develop?
    Developer will put his / her free time to develop the software

    3. Is open source are monetizable?
    Yes but the thing is foss community already believe foss mean free product without paid things

    4. What option are available for monetize the open source project?
    - add ads or such in their open source project
    - freemium models
    - paid support
    - etc²

    Now i want to show you why open source project have poor ecosystem:

    1. The developer is not serious to develop their open source project:
    - as you know / understand foss mean voluntary so once developer did not want or willing to volunteering a open source project it's development will either limited or dead at all

    2. No support from user too:
    - mostly people on foss community believe foss mean free so mostly of them won't spare a penies for them

    Factor why this happen to open source project:
    1. Foss community believe foss mean free:
    This is not right foss means code is open to public and in general it's free doesn't mean all foss project are free
    Developer need living from the project and dev are work on it using free time available

    2. Developer have life outside his work:
    Developer will not grinding whole day only to work with open source project without any rewards
    Because that's how world work nothing is free

    1. Developer must try to be consistent with the work. Hard work will always rewards you

    2. User must change the mindset
    Nothing is free in the world you may not pay with your financial but cost is their development quality is not that good

    3. Both user and developer should work or cooperative together
    Developer create software and having consistent update user should do same
    Support it with anything that you want or wiling to
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