(OpenSuSE 11.2) Installation and Configuration of Web / Mail Servers

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mtmouse33, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. mtmouse33

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    Feb 16, 2010

    I am hoping to find some much needed help here. I have been to various other sites and am beginning to think that I am not meant to have a server of my own.

    I was told that OpenSuSE was good for beginners. So far, I am wondering.
    I am trying to set up a home network ( 2 laptops, 1 desktop. The laptops are wireless )

    I'd like to set up a web server to run a personal webpage or two and maybe a forum, shoutcast server and IRC at some point down the road after I figure out the first two.

    I found a guide, but it was for 64 bit and wanted me to install ISPConfig 3 ( Which, obviously I don't need )

    I would like some basic, beginner help on installation, configuration and whatnot on setting up a web-server and mail server. ( and maybe a panel like Cpanel and something to setup e-mail accounts and access via a web panel )

    Yes. I have a static IP ( leasing an IP block from my ISP ). Yes, they allow me a web-server and mail server ( I had to get the IP block to do so ) and I have my own domain name to use.

    On the various attempts, I managed to get apache working. ( When I visit my domain name, it says "IT WORKS!" which is nice and all, but I am use to using Cpanel and have no clue how to setup / edit a website outside of a panel ( or even FTP )

    I think I got the mail server installed, but again ( as with the web server ) have no clue how to setup / configure and use it.

    I either am using the wrong search words for help or asking incorrectly or something. This is my final stop. I am at the point of just forgetting it, chalking it up to a lost cause.

    I do hope someone here is willing to be patient with me and help me through it all. I will even give link backs and Kudos to this site if it all works out.