Option Rom Upgrade VT8237 I cant seem to open the rom

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    I have done this myself for two other boards, but this time MMTool crashes whenever I try to open the bios. I have used v2 v3 and v4 and AMIMMWIN. None of them can open the rom. It is an AMICore7 bios.

    I want to to update the Via VT8237 raid controller bios in the MS-6741 K8MM-ILSR bios from 4.5 to 4.91

    The latest K8MM-ILSR bios is here.

    The 4.91 option rom for the VT8237/VT6420 can be extracted from this award bios. I have also attached the extracted option rom to this post.

    If anyone can point me to something that can open an AMICore7 bios, please point me to it. Or Switching it out for me would be appreciated too.

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