OS Probs. Comp is Password Protected Cant do Anything

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    Hello Every1 :wavetowel2:

    An yes Im about to give up.

    I have HP pavilion slimline s3320f Originally it had Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP which I have key for
    Now I have Vista Ultimate and there is a key listed on the comp. in sys. info

    I don't know if the Ultimate and key are legit

    Had a friend fix my comp. they were supposed to get Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP and use my key
    I dont have a clue what else went on other than when she installed Ultimate she also password protected it and set herself up as Administrator.

    Then she disappeared taking with her the password and the flash drive that had all my drivers etc..

    Then when I tried to use comp. well I can only use the user acct. and I am anyway there was some sort of error and the sys. date and time reset back to factory date January 1 2007

    So I cant reset it cuz of the password problem and I cant go on most sites cuz the certifecuts dont match

    I cant install or torrent or get most programs

    I also cant find a copy of Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP

    Some1 suggested I get Ubuntu I tried that but I cant get the program to burn the dvd

    I possibly have the Ultimate disks she used for vista Ultimate it has no drivers I started to clean install them but I had to delete a partition to get the unallocated space I deleted the Factory 1 not the HP 1
    I do not know what drivers to get for the Ultimate or the Premium or if I can get them cuz of password prob. suggestions on drivers would be awsome also.

    Can Any1 help me or do I have to wait till I get rich and upgrade or something????

    Some1 just suggested I remove a battery if I do this will I need anything to reboot or well anything and how do I do this is it safe
    TY for taking the time to read and for any help :biggrin:
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