outlook 2010 imap problem

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    Jan 10, 2013
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    Outlook 2010 with one exchange account and one imap account behaves strange:
    No sent items folder in the imap account !
    Sending from the imap-account, and the sent item drops down in sent items in the
    exchange account !
    Same behaviour also on other pc-s. (all win 7)
    Tried subscribing and "query" but no sent item folder pops up, only inbox.
    Same problem also with outlook 2013.
    Have definitly set the "sent item folder" to be stored locally.
    Can it be the mail-server from the isp that is blocking, or should there maybe be some other port numbers ?
    Setting up a pop-account, and sent items folder appear ok.
    Any suggestions ?

    EDIT: Found solution: Yhe isp had to change HIS settings, and suddenly sent items folder popped up.
    After that, it was only to query and subscribe/unsubscribe the wanted folders (some other folders
    also pooped up that I did not want