Packard Bell EasyNote S4 - VBIOS modification ?

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    Its a Packard Bell Easy Note S4 (1,7Ghz, 1GB RAM, 128MB intel 915GM graphics) using Win 8.1 Pro. :p

    Its curerent BIOS was 3A12 and I found 3A14 via google.

    While still flashing it always said "Flash complete" in the lower part of the screen and kept beeping.

    As it had an "older" version of phlash16.exe I did not dare to try a newer version.

    There was a batch file included with the original boot-disk :

    But I just flashed using "PHLASH16 /S /V K2WQ3A14.DC3"

    I even renamed the bios file to BIOS.WPH and flashed again just typing phlash16.exe

    Same effect, it feels it wont reach the end of the flash procedure while saying "flash complete", while still flashing :p

    After re-extracting the flashed BIOS it says 3A14, even the BIOS itself says so, so it seems to be complete.

    Maybe older versions of phlash16.exe did not confirm with a "Restart Now" ?
    From what I read it is not a good idea to use a different phlash16.exe, so I wont try that.

    Still I wonder whats going on here, as the batch-file also mentions a KBC BIOS (keyboard) flash, "if it exists".

    After "flashing", restarting, Win8.1 will show the "Hi, we are setting things up for you" screen again, but then continues the installed Win8.1 as usual. Never experienced this before wiht Win8.1 on "old" laptops.

    Laptop works normal now, but maybe someone epxerienced something like this before ? Any info is welcome.

    The original BIOS files can be found here :
    (3A08 and 3A12) S4 series&By=Packard Bell&SS=BIOS

    The newest is 3A14, which you can downlaod here (complete extracted bootdisk) :

    chillipig was so kind and shared a intel 915 vbios package :

    Win 8.1 installed on it, which runs ok, but it wont let me install drivers for the intel 915GM graphics chip, as it is no longer supported.
    Idea is to "mess" with the VBIOS file(s) or the BIOS itself, to mabye fake information or flash another, similar VBIOS...but thats only theory for now.

    Thanks to chillipig I have the "SizeBIOS.exe" by intel, which indeed only seems to be there to change the size of the VBIOS. Im also looking for the (unreleased) intel tool "BMP utility" which was used to exchange the bitmap graphic in the BIOS and any other option to edit intel VBIOS files, other then hexediting.

    I stumbled across this interesting blog :
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    Next goal, comparing all of those 64k file and maybe try to dissassemble with IDA ? (good idea?)
    Someone would like to join ? :p

    Probably next week Ill get my hands on this laptop again and if the owner decides to sell it for little money, Im ready to do flash experiments with different VBIOS files, which will probably result into a hard brick x'P

    all intel chipsets 915.jpg