Partitioning Interrupted - No hard drive

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    Oct 5, 2009

    I got a big problem and I would be very glad to hear any solution...

    I have a HP Compaq laptop with Vista Home, and a 120GB hard drive, partitioned in 3, C: system, D: my data, and E: HP recovery partition.

    I was using Paragon Partition Manager to take some free space from C: and make D: partition larger. The partition process rebooted and was taking place normally, then I left for some time and when I came back the laptop was in sleep mode. Not knowing if the partition was still happening I pressed the power on button and the laptop started again giving me message that 'Operation interrupted and please insert a recovery disk'. The only thing I can access is the BIOS...

    Fool of me, I did not create a recovery disk previously. I only have a XP cd which when I put, after loading the drivers and stuff, says there is no hard drive.

    Now, do you think there is any possible way to recover any data from C: or D:? That would be the most important thing I want to do. If not possible, then just get the hard drive to work again to let me install a fresh Windows will do...

    Thanks dudes
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    Before you even go trying to install xp i would try and get hold of acronis diskdirector even if you could borrow the bootable cd try and recover the partition first them make your recovery disks. The minute you start writing anything to the hard drive you will not be able to recover the partiton.
  3. sanorin

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Thanks for your answers.

    I think I'm on the right way, at least I was able to access the partitions, and right now I'm copying everything I can to a safe place. The way I got it is:

    I downloaded a small version of Linux, one called PuppyLinux, which can be loaded by itself from CD or USB. I was able to install it to a USB drive using UNetbootin. So I went back to the dead laptop, and loaded it from USB, and YES! It works, and the partitions are there. Only the space is not right, there are a lot of free space GB missing, but that is not a problem, all my data is there, and I will try to fix that later on with that Acronis program you recommended (urie), or something else.

    I will keep you informed.

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    Oct 5, 2009
    So, everything is fine now.

    Using Linux, I could burn to dvd a Windows 7 image I had downloaded some days ago and was still in one of the partitions. In fact, I was preparing my laptop to install it, that's why I was doing the partition thing, to install W7 on C: keeping my files on D:

    So after I saved everything I needed out of the laptop, I booted from the W7 dvd, and the weird thing is, when it asked me where I wanted to install, it showed C: as system partition, and D: as "undetermined space" or something like that, while in Linux I could see both partitions as normal... Anyway, I chose to format both partitions, which were done mercilessly in like 2 seconds :D And then installed on C:

    I hope my experience can help careless users with similar problems, and when a program ask you to make a recovery disk, you really should consider taking a few minutes to do so and avoid bad experiences :eek:

    Thank you guys
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    Nov 11, 2008
    Acronis Backup and Recovery is your friend!