Phoenix Bios Editor Easter Egg or ?

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    Nov 17, 2009
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    ]Hi all I have been looking at Pheonix bios editor with hex edit and wondering if I was missing something as this program seems limited. I think it's sole purpose is to be able to edit logos etc and allow import of certain modules.

    Any how while I was browsing the code with Hex Edit I could see that there is a lot of reference to images and a name appears Jack Wang who happens to be a Phoenix Senior R&D Manager.

    Right then!

    1st Load up Phoenix Bios Editor.
    2nd Next opened up a Bios Rom.
    3rd Go to Help menu.
    4th Click on About.
    5th Hold down the FN key click on the image in the box.
    6th Now you can see the Easter Egg.
    7th Press Caps Lock.
    8th Type in JACKWANG.
    9th A message saying "Hello Jack, limitations have been removed"


    Please post here all new discoveries.
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    Nov 17, 2009
    The first time I tried this I held down the FN key but I think you can just click on the picture anyway.

    None of the other names seem to do anything.

    I need to have two computers running with the software on and play spot the difference.

    I was wondering if it was just an activation like removing a time limit.