Phoenix-bios-editor problem with numbering and counting?

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    After many trial and error I can replace my old amd raid oprom with a new version and also a larger size. Because of the resize thing I cannot use Phoenix Mod Tools. However when I use Phoenix Bios Editor I need to insert the misc.bin 2 times into a location oem module from the bios tree or the update doesn't work and it gives me Operating system not found or load to misc.bin error or it just stops booting. I suspect it is an error with counting and numbering because the first edge in the oem module starts with user00.rom and the second edge is number user01.rom and so on. However the original bios has only edge user01.rom in oem module and I cannot edit the name in phoenix editor. Is this a known problem? 0 is just a number. This trick works only with an older oprom and it still gives me a load to misc.bin error with newer oprom.