Please help complete win 7 install on old pc.

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Rapier, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Sep 8, 2013
    Hi !
    I didn't find explicitly some Help subforum or topic, so I decided to post here. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, feel free to move/delete this topic.

    I would like to say, that I'm not brazen or look as impolite, but I have no time to browse all this awesome forums, because my old friend who never worked with computers, needs my help to install windows on his old desktop pc.

    Please let me just point out straightforwardly what I would like to see links to:

    1, Link to Win 7 Home Slovak 32 bit iso latest service packed. I don't want install in addition slovak language pack to english win, because it's not same as they claim. My friend don't speak english, so everything needs be translated.

    2, Link to proper&working activator to above OS.
    I have googled activators which are probably here too, but they only exists from Professional version and above. Not Home versions, I don't know why.

    3, Link to Office 2016 Home Slovak 32 bit iso latest service packed.

    4, Link to proper&working activator to above office.

    5, Link to telemetry, spy uninstaller/blocker for above Win.
    I have read on web, that microsoft put same spy updates to Win7 as it did to Win 10, Win8. Therefore, after that whole installation, I will have to remove all those telemetry stuff, because his internet is slow and it may flood his traffic.

    6, Your recommendation to program, which makes clone/image of whole system(win+office) on that old pc after all updates to USB stick. Because when he will break down that whole windows, I will just format HDD and replace all with last clone/image made.

    Please again, don't feel offended by me to be spoonfeeded, but I cannot put him some Ubuntu linux, because I have never worked with linux.

    Thank you very much !!!