Portlock Leap Frog - VHD management utility

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    Portlock Leap Frog: Limitations

    Portlock Leap Frog: Limitations

    Portlock Leap Frog does NOT support creating a bootable VHD on a USB drive.
    Only Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 R2 are supported VHD platforms for Windows install.
    Bitlocker does NOT support Windows 7 when running from VHD.
    Operating systems booted from a VHD do NOT support hibernation.
    VHDs that have been compressed are NOT supported by native boot.
    You can only attach a VHD that is located on an NTFS volume.
    2 TB (2048 GB) limit on VHD size.
    Systems that dual-boot with Linux are NOT supported.
    Portlock Leap Frog does not support creating VHDs on a destination volume that is located on a Windows Dynamic Disk.