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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by armada, Apr 18, 2008.

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    i am looking for help with changing the logo when booting with a phoenix based clevo bios. i would like to replace the image from a sager notebook with the "style note" one from clevo. the bios are both for the same notebook and same mobo just that the one from sager does not allow for certain features that the clevo one does. but those of use who bought the machine as a sager need it to say sager when booting for warr support and also just so it appears as still a sager. i have flashed mine and while everything works perfect it now says "style note" during boot up. i have the newest phoenix editor i could find here on the forum but how do i go about replacing the boot up image? can anyone help me with this?

    and secondly id like a second modded bios for this machine for a activated vista.. but id like them to be separate so i can post the un-activated one for us sager users who want to flash to the clevo bios but dont want the modded slic tables?

    thanks in advance..

    edit ok i was able to open up the clevo bios with the editior but it gives me a error for each section and asks do i want to continue? i do see where the .bmp boot image is but how can i change that??

    the message is "a unsupported module class (whatever modules class it is) was found in the file do you want to continue?
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