Powerline Communication for Home Internet

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    Hi all!

    Somebody got experience with Powerline Communication (PLC)?

    A friend of mine lives in a house where the internet router is on the ground floor and his computer and another one are on the second floor.
    LAN cable? No. WLAN doesn't work properly...

    I've thought of the following - would this work?
    Two PLC modules, one installed on the ground floor, the other one in the second floor. From the "above" PLC module to a WLAN router and from this router access for both computers:

    (ground floor) - PLC module 1 -> second floor - PLC module 2 -> WLAN router -> PC 1 and PC 2

    I'm aware that it could be problematical regarding the transmitting between two floors and that there is some doubt concerning electromagnetical circumstances...

    What do you think?

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