Problem in Office 2010 Activation

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by onlyeuro, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. onlyeuro

    onlyeuro MDL Novice

    Oct 30, 2009
    hello friends as i know there is only 1 reliable method to activate office 2010 RC build 4734.1000
    which i have done...

    steps i took

    installed office 2010 pro plus beta 2 from micosoft website
    activate it with the microsoft provided product key...
    after it activate i make a backup of tokens.dat and pkeyconfig.dat

    then i uninstalled it

    now this is the main thing.......
    i start the setup of office 2010 RC build 4734.1000 Volume edition SELECT EDITION....
    from the selection menu i selected "OFFICE 2010 STANDARD Edition"

    installed it

    then replace files of tokens.dat and pkeyconfig.dat from my backed up files....
    run the SCRIPT after editing it with my key...

    finlly office gets activated.........

    everything goes fine office gets activated.......

    you know what the problem is:
    now the problem arises

    when i click on file menu of office it shows PRODUCT ACTIVATED but below these lines it shows OFFICE PRO PLUS 2010

    what the hell is thi man ???

    i have STANDARD Edition installed and that thing is showing PRO PLUS????

    now tell me any registory hack or any othe hack which can shows the correct edition of my office after installation.......
    and also tell me will my office expire on 31st october as u know the original tokens.dat and pkeyconfig files are from beta 2 which are suppose to expire on october 31st.....

    anyone plz clear these issues.........

    most importantly
    finally if my problem cant be resolved than do i believe that this activation hack works only on OFFICE PRO PLUS 2010 ?????? its not for all editions...........

    plz some one reply.... sorry for my english.
  2. kdo2milger

    kdo2milger MDL Senior Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    it says proplus because you used pkey config and tokens dat from proplus

    and yes it will expire on 31 oct 2010 you can set your pc time forward to nov and see for yourself, it will cahnge back when you correct the time so it will still be activated at normal time