Problem installing software Image pro plus 6 in windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by sanjayadixit, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. sanjayadixit

    sanjayadixit MDL Novice

    Aug 8, 2010
    Hello everyone,
    I almost spent a week trying ways to install a software image pro plus 6 in windows 7.
    Steps tried earlier
    1. I tried installing it in the compatibility mode, to no luck.
    2. Installing Xp in virtual box and virtual machine and installing the software in it, still could not.
    3. Installing in Ubuntu 10.04 in virtual box and in dual boot mode, using wine and then installing still no use.

    4. I could not use windows virtual box and XPM in my computer since it is not supported

    I think that many people might still be using old programs in windows 7 and some gamers certainly might be making their way out for the game they like to play. So please if any of you guys there think might have solution to my problem please do let me know.

    I am posting the specifications of the things mentioned in d manual of d program i need to install.
    System Requirements
    To install and work with Image-Pro Plus 6.0, you will need the following equipment
    and software:
    Pentium III CPU, running at 1.0 Ghz or higher configured with Windows™
    2000 (service pack 4), or Windows™ XP Professional (service pack 2)
    A minimum of 512 MB of RAM ( 1 GB recommended)
    3 GB disk drive with available disk space for installation with additional
    space to accommodate four times the image size with four bytes/pixel
    An SVGA (or better) high color, 16-bit resolution graphics card with Open
    GL graphics, a hardware accelerator, and a minimum of 32M memory that
    supports 2D texturing
    A Windows-compatible mouse, keyboard, and CD-ROM

    I bought a new computer with win 7 and it meets all the above requirement itself except for the OS.
    Please see to it if you find any useful advice for me. thanks in advance

  2. sanjayadixit

    sanjayadixit MDL Novice

    Aug 8, 2010
    By the way i found that i mis placed the thread, it was a mistake while allocating it to a position, how do i move it to win7 position thanks
  3. corree

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    Mar 10, 2011
    Hi Sanjay
    Did you ever get this to work? I have an even older version of Image Pro Plus (5.1) and will need to install it on Windows 7 very soon....let me know
    best, corree