Problem trying Ez-Activator in XP

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by raksen, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I am having a problem trying to activate Office 2010 Pro Plus in Windows XP (Office 2007 is installed too, I don't know if it's important).
    What I did was:
    1) Installed Office 2010 Pro Plus (Retail)
    2) Disabled AVG real time protection.
    3) Run the toolkit and pushed EZ-Activator button (I read somewhere this changes Retail to VL automatically)

    and I got an output similar to this:

    Failed to activate 10 times
    Repairing license components
    Couldn't activate...
    Office 2010 license delete
    Office repair fix attempted without success
    Succefully reversed all ez activator changes (using backup)
    If all else fails try reinstalling office
    Do you know which is my mistake?
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    Might want to nuke things are start again given the 2007 and such have things a potential mess. Post in the EZ-Activator thread as you are much more likely to get help by me and others and faster vs a separate PM/thread.
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