problem with dell inspiron n5110 I5

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    May 6, 2012
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    I have a problem with the vga card which is nividia GT 525m , as it suppose to support 3d viewing but every time I try to open a jps file I get this message
    "primary display's adapter doesn't support nividia 3d viewing"
    and when I tried to open the stereoscopic 3d viewer I get this message
    "not a nividia board "
    ,I also tried to change the screen resolution to the recommended by nividia but that caused my laptop to stop responding so I changed it back to the system recommended by intel HD ,also when I opened the screen resolution from the control panel there was only one display detected and when I choose to detect another display the nividia was marked in front of "display" but in front of "multiple display" they marked 'no display detected'
    by the way I updated the software and choose nividia as my preferred graphics processor still no change ,so please help before my warranty expires.
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    disable onboard video in bios ?