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    Apr 15, 2012
    Hi guys :(

    I'm following this guide h**p://w* to patch my BIOS, but I'm having problems with PhoenixTool.
    I open PhoenixTool and I load 3203.ROM, ok! I get the DUMP folder with all the modules.
    Then I open the module (in the DUMP folder) that I wanna patch with a text editor and I patch it.
    After, in PhoenixTool I select ASUS manufacturer and I click on Advanced and I tick the box that says 'Allow user to modify other modules', I also tick 'No SLIC' and then I press Done. Ok!
    Now I press GO and I get 3203_SLIC.ROM but the module that I've patched doesn't result patched. :throw: Why?
    What am I doing wrong?

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    look at rcorc post 13

    After choosing Advanced Options and clicking done, i then had to click Go, wait for the dialog box that said it was ok to modify files in the DUMP directory, then move the patched rom file to the DUMP directory, and click OK on the dialog box.

    P8Z68 DELUXE