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    Okay so I opened my hp pavilion dv2615nr bios in PheonixTool then it dumped the files, i clicked hp and hp.bin for slic21, then I added my rw everything file. I then went to advanced and clicked "Ask prior to each modification" "Allow user to modify other modules" and lastly "No SLIC". I have SLIC 2.0 i think for vista since in the bios it says original os vista. I get an error when I use SLIC21 since it wants to modify BIOSCOD4.ROM and it says 2 bytes too big. In the dump the OPROM1.ROM is the vga bios, I opened in nibitor made my modifications and saved it. I then clicked "Go" on PhoenixTool and it said to add the file to the dump folder, then it gave this message. How do I fix the issues with the bytes being too big?


    UPDATE - I actually got it! so I guess according to the hex bits when I changed the voltage too high it switch to 5A from a numbered value so I set the values I wanted to as high I as I could go before going with a 5A like value so the value was like say 69 or 73 rather 5A or whatever in Nibitor voltage table. Then this time I unchecked NO SLIC and only checked ask prior to modification and allow user to modify other modules. It asked a few things about SLIC modifying files then it told me to put the modded file in the dump. So I did and It completed successfully with SLIC21 and the modified vga bios file. So I suppose I'll test it now... Only got 1.21v out of 3d from 1.2v and got a reduction in 2d volts to 0.96v from 1.1v. I hope it works lol...