Profeessional and Core editions in the RP setup iso

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    Professional and Core editions in the RP setup iso

    The Core edition is image 2 in the sources\install.wim of the Windows8-ReleasePreview-32bit-English.iso.

    This is the version touted to be aimed at OEMs for installation on new systems. - equivalent to Starter or Home Basic editions in earlier Windows releases.

    The Professional edition, which most people who have installed the RP will be running can be identified by running slmgr /dlv, although "Professional" does not occur in Winver or on the System properties screen.

    It can be installed with Imagex.exe

    imagex /apply d:\sources\install.wim 2 T:

    where d: is the mounted setup disk for the RP, and T: is the target installation drive.