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    Jul 28, 2009
    Hello there,

    i'm planning to sell my laptop samsung NC10 (it's just too small).

    I've installed a BIOS once (prepped withHP-compaq SLIC2.1) and was able to activate win7.

    A while after that, the manufacturer came with a BIOS update and i found a SLICCED variant here on MDL. It contained an ACERSYS SLIC2.1

    Now that i want to sell the system i felt the urge to install a Dutch version of 7 and for some reason the activation did not go well.

    Verified with SLICdump and this tool complained about a problem with the public marker.

    Tried a few files from here and even the original SAMSUNG because it has been said that it contains a 2.1 SLIC nowadays. But still traces from the ACERSLIC (marker?).

    Also used the DOS flash tool without succes. HAs anyone got a clue to all this?

    Got it installed with XP now so i can sell it but was just wondering why the above happened...

    Thanks in advance,