Purpose of an RODC?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Myrrh, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) - I thought the purpose was for a remote location to be able to handle logons and other Active Directory stuff instead of having to constantly communicate with the primary location.

    Based on this understanding, I built an RODC at my work location for the domain running at my home, in theory this would make things smoother with my (home) domain connected Surface Pro devices when I carry them to work. There is a VPN connection between the two networks.

    In real-world practice, however, my home Internet was down this morning. I had all kinds of problems doing things that normally work. I could not even login directly on the RODC because "no logon servers are available" - all resolved itself when the home Internet, and therefore the VPN, came back online.

    What exactly is the point of an RODC, if it is supposed to handle such a situation then obviously I have something configured wrong. Where to start looking?
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    yea its look something about the configuration

    maybe its still connect to DC and not the RODC

    maybe in services and sites need to be configured