[Q:] Where are digital signatures of OS files stored?

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    You probably know, that ARM version of Windows (WRT) can run as Win32 applications only digitally signed files from MS.

    When I look at properties of some MS "external" file, which was installed later by separate installation (like WinDbg.exe), indeed they have tab/card "Digital Signatures" there (in file properties).

    But those files, what are part of the OS installation (like regedit.exe) have no digital signatures in their EXEs included.

    So here are the questions:

    1. Where the digital signatures of OS internal files actually resides?
    2. When I want to run an additional files, which weren't part of the OS installation (install.wim), but they were included (and are working) elsewhere (like W7-style green taskmgr.exe in boot.wim - in Windows Recovery environment), how I can find the digital signatures for them (in boot.wim) and add them to digital signature base (storage) of main OS installation (at C:\ drive)?

    BTW: Same system is implemented in x64 and x32 too, but the setting for running Win32 doesn't look for digital signatures, since it permits to run an unsigned apps.

    Thanks for any useful answers or tips.