[Q] Win 8, bypass PAE/NX/SSE2 check

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    Is the re way to bypass this check, in order to install win 8 at older pc's? I was thinking something like this. It is for bypassing ram check at win 7.

    Patch winsetup.dll Hack
    The system  check for RAM size and its stop installation routine is coded in  winsetup.dll file on the DVD disc or ISO image. Follow the steps below  to patch winsetup.dll to bypass the RAM memory check during setup  installation of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
    Note: Only works on 32-bit (x86) version.
    Copy the content of DVD installation disc media, or extract the contents of DVD ISO image to hard disk drive.
    Download and install any HEX editor such as AptEdit Pro, WinHEX and Notepad++ (a Notepad alternative) with HEX Editor plugin.
    Use the HEX editor to open winsetup.dll located inside the /source/ folder of the copied installation files.
    Search or find the following HEX (hexadecimal) string:
    Modify the HEX string to replace and overwrite it with the following HEX code:
    Save the modified winsetup.dll file.
    Run  the setup.exe from the installation files copied to hard disk. For user  who wants to start installation from bootable DVD instead, replace the  winsetup.dll in the ISO with patched version, and then burn the ISO to  disc.