Qubes 4.0 with Windows 7 and some programs

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Black!HatCat, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Black!HatCat

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    Mar 12, 2018
    Hey guys, :)
    i need your help and i would be happy if someone can help me. :)
    So, I would like to describe my situation in detail.
    My main operation system is Qubes 4.0 and on this i want try to install Windows 7 pro.
    I must say too, that iam a Linux beginner.

    For the installation i want following this steps:

    1 Step: Create a VM named win7new in HVM mode
    2 Step: After install the main OS Windows 7
    Is this the correct way to make it perfect?

    I am not a millionaire but very interessted to technical things. So i want install on Windows some programs which i never bought before. You know? ;) The risk by this is maleware and i not want to risk my security on the main system.
    Is it possible to install this software on Windows OS?

    I hope its okay to ask this here.
    About your feedbacks, i would be very happy.

  2. rannon

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    Oct 5, 2017
    As a Qubes 3.2 user, I can tell you that the Daz Windows Loader [0] can activate windows on an HVM. And about the steps to install windows, you should start here [1].

    [0] forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-loader-download.58464/
    [1] qubes-os.org/doc/windows/