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    Feb 20, 2012
    I posted in windows 7 section the thread "is it psu?" about many problems my customer has with her computer

    here it goes: (admins if necessary move it from windows 7 to here, I can't do it)

    "Hi everyone,

    I visited a customer today who has a desktop computer stuck inside a computer table and
    the fans instead of behind where always on the side against the wood
    (hot place, lots of use) what damage could that have done?

    The thing is: Lots of times the computer does shut down directly without any error messages or restart
    in the same way or it would just freeze when booting at the windows 7s "starting" logo phase.
    I checked ram with windows memory diagnostic tool, ram is ok
    when CPU is under heavy load psu voltages drops

    do you people agree is the PSU to blame?


    mother: doesn't matter asus m4 something
    processor: phenom x4 965
    ram: 2gb ddr something must be 2 I guess by the processor's age
    psu: generic garbage (no brand) also noticeably small (never seen a PSU so small in size)

    I need help I don't have spare parts to test neither the money to buy them


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    Mar 23, 2015
    Sounds like a cheapass PSU with less power than advertised. Did you also checked the temperatures of the CPU and GPU? How much is the voltage drop?