Question about upgrade and my current win 7 with Daz loader

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Nicholas440, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Hello guys,

    I have a couple of questions for you professionals out there . I'm currently using Windows 7 Pro with Daz Loader on my Dell Studio 17 laptop. The reason I'm using the Daz Loader is because I didn't use a modified Bios to install Windows 7 , I chose to use the Loader instead. Dell has never released a Bios update for the Studio 17 to allow us to install Windows 7 so I was stuck. I read where I can't do a dual boot, if I do, the Daz Loader wont work for Windows 7 anymore and it wont be activated. Bummer.... I have 2 drives on this and 4 partitions too... But choose not to disconnect a drive just to put Win 8 on it..

    Now I'm considering upgrading to the Windows 8 Pro, using that $39.99 upgrade with the Installer Assistant I think its called where you do it all online, if I am correct it will take my $39.99 via Paypal even, and then it will allow me to download an ISO , and it will issue me a key so I can upgrade or do a clean install from what I read.

    My question is, won't the Installer Assistant see that my Bios is NOT the proper SLIC version and turn me down? Or maybe it will allow me to install and then tell me I dont have the current Bios version, and tell me to go upgrade my Bios? I'm a little confused on how all this works.

    I read a few posts that say you can use this Assistant, and install Windows 8 Pro even if you are using a Non Legit copy or running the Daz Loader it will work ?

    Secondly, my System status tells me that my Processor is capable of using a 64 bit OS, and I have 4 Gig of ram, so I was thinking I can get the 64 bit version of Win 8 Pro and hopefully my 32 bit applications will still run ? I'd like to use 64 bit to take advantage of my 4 gig's of ram.

    What say you guys? Is it really as simple as running the Assistant, then it gives me the ISO, then I get a key, and I install Win 8 Pro and I'm really legitimate ? That sounds to easy. I read a litte about KMS servers I really don't know what they are or do or how to use them, but it seems using this $39.99 upgrade method is better , and easier for those of us with not as much knowledge as others. I've been getting Windows ISO's since back in the days of Win 98 so I've got enough knowledge to navigate and do a few things within the OS. Not a total newbie to the OS but I could use some advice from you pro's who do these installs all the time.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer...
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    You must do only one thing, run System Upgrade Advisor and see, if allow you to get on purchase page. When yes, you are OK, when not, must use another method.
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    You should run Windows8-UpgradeAssistant from here
    After running it..It will give you recommendations on your compatible software and will proceed with the process of purchasing and installing on your PC..As far as i know it works with the Daz Loader, This tool just checks your activation status and then proceeds with Windows 8 Purchase and Installation..:)

    And yes you should go with 64bit to take advantage of your additional RAM..All 32bit software run on 64bit system (some exceptions), Moreover 64bit system is much more responsive than a 32bit system in demanding workloads.
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    If using a 32 bit OS Upgrade Tool will download x86 version not x64. But you can use x64 MSDN-ISO for fresh install and change a reg value to allow activation with your key.

    Change value of "MediaBootInstall" from "1" to "0". Then open elevated CMD and type:

    cscript slmgr.vbs /rearm
    reboot afterwards. Now your Upgrade key should be accepted :D.
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  5. Nicholas440

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Thank you for the information... I had another thought... I dont think I can do a clean install , because in order to do the clean install I'll have to have a SLIC 2.1 bios I believe or it wont work. This is why I'm running the Daz Loader.

    Most of you probably have the correct Bios with the proper SLIC . I don't think you can activate if you don't have SLIC 2.1 Bios.

    I searched here on MDL in the Bios area for a modded bios for my Dell Studio 1735 but I have not been able to come up with anything yet.

    Even if I upgrade , once I reboot, Windows 8 is going to see that I do not have the correct Bios and I dont think it will activate...

    I may be wrong but this is my thinking... The Upgrade Assistant tool can check my pc and will find an activated Windows 7 , but it's done via the Daz Loader, and it will look good to go... But Im thinking once I burn the ISO, and try to install from that ISO my Daz Loader isnt going to be any good and when it reboots it will only see the old Bios ... Does this make any sense ?
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    @ Nicholas440, your thinking to much you do not need slic 2.1 in bios.
  7. Nicholas440

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    Oct 4, 2008
    @ Urie, you're probably right about the thinking Urie but isnt this why I'm using the Daz Loader for Windows 7 ? I thought the Loader tricks it into thinking my Bios has the proper SLIC.. Could be wrong but without the Daz Loader my Win 7 Pro says not activated... I assumed we had to have the latest Bios to Activate Win 7 or Win 8... so I'm wrong? If I'm wrong why are all the modded Bios files up in the Bios Section ? I thought thats what I needed...