Question: Does BIOS with SLIC (SLP 2.1) will work on XP that required SLP 1.0 ?

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    Noob question here :

    I have two drives here, planning to install Win7 on 1st drive and XP at the other drive and manually select the booting sequence through BIOS.

    Although Win7 will be the primary OS, certain apps of mine will only work in XP, but I can live with manually selecting boot drive in bios since I won't use it everyday, rarely if I would say.

    Now, since I have the bios embedded with SLIC 2.1, does XP OEM SLP CD will also work ?

    Apologise if this question had been asked before somewhere else.

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    If it has an SLP string in bios it will work with XP...DO you know the difference in activation schemes...It is posted throughout this XP forum...
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