[Question:] TaskManager Classic (the green W7 like one) in Boot.wim component

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    starting from W8-0, there is old style task manager (W7 like) in boot.wim.

    I have copied the EXE file (and MUI) to use it in regular OS.
    However on ARM system (where only MS signed apps are allowed to run)... the OS checks for checksums in \Windows\servicing\Packages (there is no signature in EXE itself), so I have to export the whole component there (like with SuperBubble's script).

    So here is the question:
    Which CAT/MUM file in \Windows\servicing\Packages is that?

    Same for recdisc.exe app from W8-0 (it is not in W8-1)...

    Which CAT/MUM file in \Windows\servicing\Packages is that?

    Without your help I need to search W8-0 (un-encrypted) Boot.wim's \Windows\servicing\Packages with:

    (terrible Windows index search), so any suggestion will be appreciated. :)