Question to Yen (and others) about SLIC modding

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    Just out of speculations :cool:

    1. Is it possible to mod an existing ACER2.1 SLIC file by replacing the RSA pubkey let's say with the DELL one ? Of course we recalculate the SLIC checksum afterwards.

    2. Is the OEM ID and OEM Table ID included in the verification process while activating W7 ? What if we patch the SLIC again to change these string ? (let's say DELL SLIC file and ACER OEM strings)

    3. Is it necessary to patch the RSDT and XSDT table descriptor to match the SLIC OEM ID and OEM Table ID ? Are these included in the verification process as well ?

    4. What if we just patch the marker version to 2.1 within the older 2.0 SLIC module ? Have anyone tried that ?

    Thanks for your answers