Questions regarding BIOS using Usb

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by winteriscoming, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Jan 5, 2013
    Hi there. The screen on my acer aspire remains black/blank after starting it up, this is coming from 'sleep mode'. The battery is fine, charger is working, there is a fan noise, led light is there but the black screen is only the problem.

    I have tried several methods to start it and no luck like A) removing the battery and powersupply and pushing the start button for 30secs then putting it back B) remove the battery and wait for a few hours then start it up C) connecting it to external monitor(backlight is not the problem)...
    I have searched for options and have come to a conclusion to boot it by bios using flashdrive.
    I am not a computer expert and this is my first time doing it so i kinda need your advice regarding BIOS and stuff.

    1. Is it safe and will it mess my laptop if i do it improperly?
    2. Do I really need to rename the .fd file just like in this youtube video -> /watch?v=0OkAwxcJ1Ms
    I dont know why he renamed the original FD file to zg5ia32.fd ...the filename that i have downloaded from the acer support site is NCWxx111.FD
    3. and if the FD file should be renamed, what should it be?

    I am ready to do it now, but i really need a confirmation about the renaming question and if i'm doing it right. TNX guys!