quick question modded bios's and OEMBIOS.exe

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    the reason for asking this is that the old OEMBIOS.EXE could never read my Asus slp . so i was surprised when i saw it show up in the newer updated OEMBIOS .EXE because i thought it was overwritten when i reflashed my bios ? and i didn't expect to see .

    just curious to know i grabbed the new copy of the OEMBIOS.EXE ran it and i was surprised to see my Asus slp still present . i had previously requested a modded bios for slp1.0 and slic 2.0 which i promptly recieved . xp and vista activated. both ASUS , i have recently reflashed my bios to HP slp 1.0
    and HP slic 2.1 all is good . xp and windows 7 activated .
    but when i ran the updated OEMBIOS.EXE ,it still showed my Asus slp as being there .i thought i would loose this info when i reflashed my bios to an HP slp . so can it be that i have two SLP 1.0 options in my bios .
    can i activate either SLP 1.0 with either Asus or HP files ?
    i attached a pic . i thought everytime you flashed your bios .all info would be overwritten ?

    just curious to what others think .

    see pic showing what OEMBIOS.EXE found


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    If you have an ASUS board, it likely has the ASUS slp in the code somewhere. This will be updated with every update. Te HP SLP you have is written in a different area, and will also be present. If you updated your bios to the ASUS latest update without mod, you would have only Asus SLP; no HP.

    You are correct that everytime you flash your bios most info is overwritten, but the ASUS string is factory, apparently.

    You can activate with ASUS or HP OEMBIOS files for XP. We also have multiple SLP bios that can activate many OEMs, like 8-10. The problem becomes space and ability to resize the mainbios module.

    SLP 1.0 = you can have many

    SLP 2.0/2.1 (SLIC) = You can have only one active slic.

    IS this confusing or does it help???:cool:
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    thanks 911medic all sounds good to me .