quran and prophet instruction

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    after 3 years of studying Islam and praying as a way to find a salvation from my current situation i had this experience

    quran and prophet instruction

    the lacking of existence in environmental and social and mental reality/world described in the books , in the present day which means the world described in that book is dead and extinct its like telling you to breath on mars or that the boy next door is a demon , big gaps in communicating with other living humans beings in remote
    areas of the world making it more like
    a fancy of a man or nation ex ( prophet not eating onion and the beard ) and or choosing all the prophets from one family in one region .

    making it really ridiculous to ask a person who lived in a carriby island why you didnt know about it ?
    not documenting or proving in any way stories of supernatural events that accrued in
    extreme historical dark ages of the human population and could has been copied and pasted from stories been told by the same previous books and cults in the region over and over again but with different names still not giving any material clues on how those events took place or on the supernatural/spiritual intelligence that caused it . which makes it too hard for a human brain to process the required logical interconnection in the whole of the book leaving it to maybe, and could be. and individuals guessing
    which in a final conclusion effecting a healthy and positive function of the brain in a demanding/dangerous
    world , it is fun to read tho as good as those stories of the supernatural , i like the stories of the enchanted Moses
    stave it reminds me of skyrim

    _ tho i find it appropriate not to go against it or say that i know what i dont know . it is too strong for one man to go against it ,
    in most cases the book is similar to any lows like dont steel dont kill dont rape ex...
    i guess if its true after all its quite complicated. and a good guy should be able to
    be forgiven by a kind god as he described him self . for not being able to develop
    a healthy faith imagination in the middle of this confusion and wars in the middle east a society that was savagely
    raged in serving this religion they claim to worship . but at the same time they allow the extermination of their neighbor Muslim nations without any worries about it. like the war in Syria even at times helping doing it which proves the weakness of this book/religion in general which has effected the ability of those nations to develop in the past ,
    100 years and of sinking into terror


    this is syria a country of 30 millions population just got wiped out from the world map my original country


    this a demonstrator from cairo egypt where i live , its now in chaos since 2009 by this time a guy like this roams the street day and night looking like a border land character


    i guess you see the similarity .
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    Salvation from what you say?

    I say salvation from the situation we are in as a whole on the same planet in the same solar system in the same galaxy governed by whatever creates life or galaxies...

    My experience of the Quran is authentic and mystical

    I consider the Quran to be the real deal and to be untouched by men/woman's ego's in their striving for acquisition of material goods and defense of territory

    When I read the Quran I read a special edition by a Rashad Khalifa

    My remembrance is of it repeating the same thing over and over...

    I remember it being like a book that was written by a child for children to read

    I mostly remembering falling into the Quran as if I was inside the book itself

    It was like I was in the eye of the hurricane and with all that was

    I remember sharing my experience with a non-believer in spirit I noticed my experience of being inside the Quran or in the eye of the hurricane "disappearing", which reminds of the qurans sura's stating one cannot save another and only through the individuals submission of their actual will to the will of God would they be saved within the refuge of god

    This special author Rashad Khalifa had put the Quran through a computer, which is actually mentioned in the Quran, and the number or common denominator was indeed the number 19 which in simple logic is the saturation of all number in one number, 1 and 9

    More interesting is that in Mayan culture the number 19 is considered the number of regeneration or rather "Mercy" thus the Islam and the ancient Mexica (Maya) share the same universal reflection that the universe is born and sustained of...

    My Lord is most merciful, most gracious

    My Lord is forgiver, healer

    Yet this world and even it's most devout spiritual worshipers try to mix like oil and water spirituality and science and that leads to war since science is partial and worship of god is complete...

    I say complete because if god is within the individual then worshiping Muhammad would be an reflection of incompleteness and thus a "need" to use an intercessor to attain oneness with god or be within him/her

    "Worship no idols and there are no intercessors of any kind"

    Submit only an individuals will to the will of god

    And this is what people fight over in their minds which nullifies an individuals will to the greater or entire will of god which I have seen generates forgiveness for both wills are of the same and one...

    This man Rashad Khalifa was assassinated for his vision that is was herasy to worship any idol which includes money, children or even the author of the Quran itself the prophet via the angel gabriel Muhammad

    He knew the Quran for what it actually was, an individuals guidance to never worship idols or an avatar/prophet but through an individuals personal relationship to god without idols and he was brutally killed/stabbed to death for it :death:

    Hence jump through a hoop to attain God or Die, hence always "need" something outside your individual self :giljotiini:


    "The marketing of the soul, hence an world of entrepreneurs of murder as the commonly sought business or vocation..."

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    The fact about the scriptural myth.
    It is interesting to me when religious people make wildly outrageous claims regarding their religious scriptures. Most of the time it is their deep rooted beliefs that are making these claims, but they are not unique. Lets set the record straight on exactly when these scriptures were written down.

    Torah (Judaism): According to Judaism, the Torah was revealed to Moses and written down approximately 1300 BC. Many modern scholars state the Torah was actually written around 500 BC when Persia defeated Babylon and allowed the reestablishment of Judea.

    Vedas (Hinduism): According to Hinduism, the Vedas date back to around 1500 BC. The problem is that the Vedas were originally an oral tradition and exactly when they were first written down is open for debate. The Vedas, as they are known today, weren't actually officially written down until AFTER the rise of Buddhism which dates the written Vedas to around 500 BC... Or about the same time as the Torah.

    Bible (Christianity): Focusing on the New Testament, the Bible was first compiled by the Third Council of Carthage around 397 AD. This was nearly 400 years after the events in the Gospels actually occurred and there were no actual surviving original documents from that time, but the scriptures were agreed upon by the simple logic of (and I'm quoting directly here) "How our fathers understood them."

    Quran (Islam): Islam is unique amongst scripture in that we know EXACTLY when it was written and by whom. It was believed to be written by Mohammad between 610-632 AD and there is no so much direct evidence regarding Mohammad's writing of the Quran that there is simply no room for debate. May be Muhammad didn't write the Qur'an, his "companions" did. Muhammad wasn't even literate. Qur'an itself came to be after Muhammad's death, if I recall it correctly, and that too not without a few quarrels about canonization.
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  4. prescient

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    Jan 20, 2012
    cool replies it shows that the posters are at higher level of knowledge than me , even that you are not Muslim you have read the book
    and went through it , am 43 its the first time am reading it am still trying to translate the arabic letters
    about the the assembly of the book lets say its one of its mystery , weather of prophet mohamed had assembled it or not , the book it self
    is assembled by it self , it has an opening and no end because the last sura puts you back to the first opening sura by it self
    in many many versus the book speaks about it self that it is a book . so one story happened with p.mohamed companions
    the king who was after him met with best friend and the friend abu baker told him they must assemble the quran because
    500 of the readers died in the cue wars the king said : but mouhamed never told us to do it and he never did it .
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