RAID 0 on Dell 531s

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Hey Guys, long time reader, first time registration/post.

    I have a Dell 531s which only has a Raid 1 option. I know that the chipset is the Nvidia MCP61 (Found from Dell 531s Specifications). Based on the information that I found, it must be the high end MCP61P version, as it has a 16x PCI Express slot. This means the chipset would support Raid 0. Is there any reason why it wouldnt be supported?

    The Dell 530s is a very similar computer, but for Intel processors. the guy at the lost brain blog has successfully modded the bios to support Raid 0, even though the 530s documentation also only lists it as supporting raid 1 (just like the 531s documentation.)

    Okay, so I've managed to extract the bin file from the exe file provided by dell which I can supply if anyone is willing to help. I was initially just trying to do a dosflash because it wont let me update the bios in windows, But now I'm just plain interested, and dont like it when Dell doesnt let me do something with my computer that I think I should be able to. Anyone know where to start?

    Thanks guys


    Dell 531s Specifications:

    UMCP61 Chipset Information:

    The Lost Brain Blog:,-1-,-5,-0-1-support-Dell-Vostro-200--400-and-Inspiron-530--530s-machines!-(Finally).aspx

    Dell 530s Documentation: