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    Have just installed RamDisk to enable a speed increase in Firefox. I note that it is using FAT file system. Is there a means to change it to NTFS please?

    I am using Vista Home Premium SP2, 2GB RAM.
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    Well, I am surprised that no one can apparently answer my question. My Digital Life web site is the one that offers Ramdisk and I thought that this Forum may have been of some assistance.
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    Aug 25, 2007
    1. Parameters registry is


    Why RRamdisk? Because XP SP1 contain a Ramdisk driver for XP Embeded.
    2. Parameter: DiskSizeM, DiskSizeK

    Your desired disk size, the unit is M bytes or K bytes. The DiskSizeK has higher priority.
    3. Parameter: MediaType

    The reported drive type:

    1 — RAM Drive
    2 — Fixed Media (default)
    3 — Removable Media
    4 — Floppy Diskette
    4. Parameter: DriveLetter

    Name say it is, default is R:
    5. Parameter: SectorsPerCluster

    Your desired cluster size, zero for driver pickup:

    <= 2M FAT12, cluster=512
    <= 32M FAT16, cluster=512
    <= 64M FAT16, cluster=1k
    <= 128M FAT16, cluster=2k
    <= 256M FAT16, cluster=4k
    <= 512M FAT32, cluster=2k
    <= 16G FAT32, cluster=4k
    and more...

    You can specify smaller cluster size, force pre-format as FAT32.
    6. Parameter: Image

    Maintained by rdutil utlilty, mainly for preload NTFS image. Eg:
    1. Load ramdisk, don’t write anything.
    2. Format the ramdisk

    FORMAT /FS:NTFS /Q /V:RamDisk /A:512 R:
    3. Adjust logfile to minimum size

    CHKDSK /L:2048 R:
    4. Reset access rights

    CACLS R:\ /G: BUILTIN\Adminstrators:F
    5. Create necessary structure

    6. Pack the disk image and save to registry

    rdutil R: registry

    1. You should leave RamDisk as clean as possible before packing, the max packed image size is 64K.
    2. The disk image only valid to same RamDisk size, you should re-create disk image when size changed.
    3. The driver internal formater will disable if this registry present, corrupt/size-mismatch value leave an un-formated disk.

    rdutil Utlility Usage:
    1. Backup registry image

    rdutil save filename
    2. Restore registry image

    rdutil load filename
    3. Report packed image size

    rdutil R:
    rdutil registry
    rdutil unpacked_file

    Second command reading DriveLetter from registry, while the third is packing an unpacked image file.
    4. Packing image & save to registry

    rdutil R: registry
    5. Packing image & save to file

    rdutil R: packed_file
    6. Unpacking image

    rdutil unpack packed_file unpacked_file
    7. Link NTFS junction to Ramdisk

    rdutil link temp \
    7. You can re-format RamDisk except RAMDrive media type. Eg:

    FixedMedia type:
    FORMAT /FS:NTFS /FORCE /Q /V:RamDisk /A:512 R:

    RemovableMedia type:
    ECHO Y | FORMAT /FS:NTFS /FORCE /Q /V:RamDisk /A:512 R:

    You can place your format command to startup script. I don’t recommend re-format to FAT, the pre-formated RamDisk is more efficient than other format utililty.
    8. Pagefile support - You can set pagefile to FixMedia type disk w/ pre-formated system. If you need other MediaType or re-format, use the addswap.exe utility:

    addswap r:\pagefile.sys 16 32

    Create pagefile r:\pagefile.sys with min=16M max=32M.
    9. TEMP directory - You should set TEMP/TMP directory to TEMP sub-directory, don’t use the root directory.
    10. NTFS junction point to RAMDrive - You can’t create NTFS junction point to RAMDrive media type, Fixed & Removable Media type should work.
    11. Connectix VirtualPC compatibility - Someone report problem with VirtualPC+physical volume/disk. Please set MediaType to RAMDrive/Removable.
    12. Mountpoint without DriveLetter

    Clear DriveLetter registry value will not create Drive Letter for Ramdisk.

    Attn. Don’t delete the DriveLetter registry, which fall to default R:. You can setup mountpoint/junction linking to this unnamed Ramdisk. Eg:

    rdutil link C:\ramdisk
    link C:\ramdisk to root of Ramdisk

    rdutil link C:\TEMP TEMP
    link C:\TEMP to \TEMP at Ramdisk

    rmdir C:\ramdisk
    rmdir can remove the link without clear target content

    NoDriveLetter configuration isn’t recommended, because most AntiVirus software cannot realtime scan Volume w/o Drive Letter.

    that is from the utility
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    Thank you HSChronic for your reply. It sounds very complicated but I will give it a go! Will return if I have a problem.
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    Sorry I cannot follow your suggestions - perhaps I am a bit "thick." Is it possible to explain the method to me in a simpler format please?
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    May 21, 2007
    Forget ramdisk waist of time with 2 gig you won't even notice the difference.
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    Thanks urie. I will take your advice.