Recover BIOS on E5420 and E5430 ?

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    Mar 12, 2014
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    I have now read trough mydigitallife BIOS section for 2 hours and need help.
    I have two laptops E5420 and E5430.

    And both of them seems to be 1D3B and after hours of reading i understand that there is no BIOS password generator except for the payservices.

    But there seems to be recover BIOS option.
    And its here i get stuck.

    I have downloaded 4 BIOS exe files and tryed to generate HDR file but it wont work.

    E5420A01.exe -writehdrfile
    E5420A02.exe -writehdrfile
    E5420A03.exe -writehdrfile

    Even tryed with "E5420A00.exe -writeromfile"

    It doesnt generate any files.

    Does anybody have a clue on how to get HDR files on those exe?
    It seems that this is the only option to get rid of the Bios password.
    If somebody has other option, that would be grate to.

    Thanks in advance, and sory for my bad english, im from sweden :)
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    Mar 12, 2014
    I have now finnaly extracted the HDR wile from EXE with Python.
    But now to the new problem, how should i rename the HDR File?

    When i open the HDR file with WinHEX i get a lot of text with PFS.HDR at the top

    HGow should i name the HDR?