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    Created a WS2012 VM to be used as a KMS in my test lab and that's the sole purpose of this VM. Its currently taking up 10GB and I would like to strip any non essential items to make it small as possible, I would also like to reduce the RAM usage from 1GB to 512MB if that is possible. Any recommendations? Should I convert it to "core" and get rid of the shell?

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    all you have to do ...

    Set maximum disk size to 1GB, and select ‘Store virtual disk as a single file.
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    I've been trying to get the KMS service from Codyqx4's MS Toolkit working on SRV2008 R2 Core VM, that has a 5GB VHD and uses 512mb RAM (might work with less RAM, but I'm using IIS)

    Would that be of any use to you?
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    thanks but the links s1ave77 provided were very helpful. 6.4GB VHD with 352MB of RAM.