Relation between product keys.

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    Today I checked my 2 Windows 8 Pro keys I got from dreamspark with Online PIDChecker.
    I noticed that the info of both keys was almost identical.
    They are for the same edition so of course most info should match.
    But I was very surprised to see that the Activation ID was exactly the same for both keys!
    It gets even better: there's very little difference in the productId.

    Windows 8 Pro x64 vs x86:
    first part is the same, second part +2, third part -38882, last part + 90.

    Windows 7 Pro x64 vs x86:
    first part is hidden, second part is same, next part is -9115, last part -116

    You see, they are quiet similar, but not that WOOOW.

    Most interesting are these however. For this products I have 2 keys of the same architecture:
    Windows Vista Business x64 (both keys x64):
    first part is hidden, second part is same, next is +25, last is -30

    Windows Vista Business x86 (both keys x64):
    First to second key: first part is hidden, second part is same, next is +25, last is +597

    For both producs the 2nd last part is + 25...

    Other keys have the same type of similarities.
    Probably I'm just freaking out, but I found this pretty interesting.

    I'm not looking to crack anything or generate our own keys or whatever, just out of interest.

    The PIDChecker also does something wrong. On my Windows 8 Enterprise with default key (unactivated) the pid in registry differs in the last 3 digits from the one that the PIDChecker creates with the same key. So the PIDChecker didn't calculate the PID correctly.
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