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    I have set up a server , installed per user CAL's , there are 5 computers that need to connect to the server via remote desktop. Users OS range from , Windows xp sp2, sp3 to windows 7. Problem is that not all but some users experience loss of connections. I have tried a ping command from the server to the client pc, when a connection is lost a 2 to 5 packets time out at that moment. I have changed the router the problem still occurs. There is a dlink des1008d switch also which i doubt is the problem. Most computers using windows xp have Broadcom netxtreme gigabit ethernet , network adapters. I cant seem to find where the problem resides. I have changed a few settings in the group policy of the server. Like KeepAlive, enabled the 20 reconnections. etc. Using the resource monitor I have noticed that some lan computers when using remote dekstop can reach up to 100ms latency is this normal? Can someone point me in the right direction of where the problem might be?
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    A while back I solved a problem with network connectivity and Broadcom Gigabit Integrated NIC's.
    Windows Update had installed a Generic NIC Driver that was incompatible with the OEMs NIC (Gigabyte in this case.)

    The IT department in question had been installing PCIE Gigabit NIC's assuming the integrated NIC's were at fault.
    Installed the older OEM driver and hid the update in windows update. The Integrated NIC's are still working a year later.

    There is not really enough info supplied to pinpoint this however if it is specific to XP computers check for RDP client updates.
    You don't even state what Server you are running.

    Netxtreme Gigabit Ethernet Broadcom was what brought the previous issue to mind.
    Sometimes you just need to use fresh eyes to look at the problem and go back to basic's if all else fails.
    Network Switch, Hardware Drivers and Connectivity Software Updates.
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    Sorry for not posting this I am using Windows Server 2012. Well i checked some forums about the NIC and the was a solution to turn off offload settings in the configuration menu of the NIC. But that did not work. Then i found that an SMBv2 SMBv3 protocol may be the culprit as i read that it may cause issues for windows xp users , but that also didnt help. As you have said i will try to look in for the NIC drivers. Maybe from broadcom website. As the ones that are installed now are windows update based drivers i believe.