Remove SMART or boot message, Acer Travelmate 6292 (Phoenix)

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    Hello, i have a Acer Travelmate 6292 that has developed a HDD issue some time ago.
    The issue is contained, (after 18 months 0 new bad sectors have appeared) the damaged area is in the last 7GB of the drive and i've left it unpartitioned because i don't even use half of the drive anyway.

    But i still have to deal with the dreaded message...
    I don't have anything of importance on the hard drive anyway (it's hooked up to a tv for streaming movies from network) so i'd just like the message or SMART capability gone, wichever is easiest to do.

    I'm using the modded bios from Busykid508 with slic 2.1 found here

    I've modded the BIOS even further to get SMART info using this tutorial:
    In BIOS after the mod i get "SMART: Disabled" wich makes no sense to me because then tere would be no error on startup.

    I'm looking at this post now
    It's explaining how to remove errors on boot-up on Lenovo, (has Phoenix aswell) but i don't know what should i be looking for in my BIOS.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Sorry, i don't have enough posts for links.
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    get new drive.. or use hdat2 or mhdd to disable smart error in hdd